Pure Marbles



The Atreo series is synonymous with quality and elegance. Thanks to the white marble effect and polished finish, the material has a delicate appearance that imbues spaces with contemporary character and a touch of sophistication. The marble’s pure natural colour creates spacious and serene ambiences.
Small individual variations and highly decorative veining accentuate the marble’s natural appearance.
Atreo is available in two large formats: 120×120 cm and 60×120 cm. An ideal choice for interiors, especially walls and flooring. If the goal is to enhance the sophistication of a space, the Atreo series provides an excellent solution.


The Tantalo series comes in a striking dark marble, deep black in colour with white and gold veining. The material is the answer for anyone seeking floors that will truly make a statement, transforming them into the room’s main decorative element.
Black marble is an on-trend option in interior design. Tantalo is a timeless choice that combines well with all kinds of decorative styles, perfect for creating a personality-driven and original space.
Tantalo is very versatile and combines well with light-coloured series. Variations in shade and pattern emulate the natural authenticity of stone.


From quarry to design: this sums up the philosophy of the Costa series, inspired by the elegance of classic marble.
Costa is the ideal choice for people who prefer nature-inspired tones. When it comes to combining materials, its polished-finish ivory colour offers up a world of possibilities. The shade variation endows rooms with spaciousness and a uniform appearance.
Suitable for paving and interior applications, including walls and furniture, it combines beautifully with other series.


The Oreste series lends clear expression to the beauty and elegance of classic marble. Its cream colour creates warm, serene spaces. The series is primarily conceived for interiors.
Like all of the series that comprise the Pure Marbles collection, Oreste comes in two large sizes: square (120×120) and rectangular (60×120), both in a polished finish.
Thanks to its uniform appearance with very few veins, rooms take on an incomparable sense of seamlessness.