Raw Materials



The Amera series is inspired by the colours and shades of natural wood. The texture gives it a realistic, natural quality that is ideal for people who cherish the beauty and warmth of wood.
Amera is available in three colours: Basein, Oak and Grey. It is remarkably versatile – a chameleonic piece that combines beautifully with other materials.
Amera is 30×260 cm in size and 9 mm thick. It preserves the essence of natural wood and can be easily adapted to any innovative decorative programme.


Lambert is a single-colour series with great consistency. It is designed for the most minimalist of spaces thanks to its extraordinarily even surface, which allows you to create a continuous effect, smooth to the touch, with high technical specifications. Lambert is designed for those who want to add great continuity to their project. It comes in two formats: 120×260 cm x 6 mm and 120×120 cm x 9 mm in a single colour: White.


Stahl is a sophisticated concept inspired in metals and oxidation that creates modern, original spaces.
The rust effect, available in three colours, is an on-trend option for truly bold interiors. The absence of surface junctions and the range of furniture veneer possibilities give the room a sense of seamlessness.
Stahl is designed for anyone who wants to introduce urban or industrial nuances in their project. It is available in two sizes – 120×260 cm and 6 mm thick; 120×120 cm and 9 mm thick – and in three colours: Corten, Calm and Cloud.


Croce produces potent and personality-driven designs. The series is an excellent choice for people who put a premium on design and décor. The large-format pieces with a polished finish result in highly expressive, elegant spaces.
Croce is available in two sizes – 120×260 cm and 6 mm thick; 120×120 cm and 9 mm thick – in Dark colour with a polished finish.


Inspired by marble, the Massa series brings a touch of elegance to any space, be it contemporary or classic in style. The polished mirror-effect finish and the richly nuanced colour variances make the walls and flooring the main attraction of any room.
The series is extremely versatile, with pieces that allow for countless compositions to achieve the best design for every project. Massa is particularly well suited to interiors that require a refined uniform appearance.
Massa is available in two sizes – 120×260 cm and 6 mm thick; 120×120 cm and 9 mm thick – in White with a polished finish.


Tholos is a tribute to the purity and refinement of large-format marble. The design features moderate colour variances to achieve the natural authenticity of classic marble. The series results in elegant ultramodern spaces in shades of white and gold. The pieces offer excellent wall covering and interior flooring solutions, available in either a polished or natural finish. The series is perfect for anyone who seeks versatility and quality, while keeping in mind that creativity and elegance are also crucial to a demanding project.
Tholos is available in two sizes – 120×260 cm with a thickness of 6 mm, and 120×120 cm with a thickness of 9 mm – in White or Gold colour with either a polished or natural finish.


Stone is setting new trends in interior design. In the Dolomite series, elegance springs from simple timeless forms. The large-format pieces, with either a smooth or Spot anti-slip finish, are perfect for creating seamless transitions between interior and exterior areas.
Dolomite is not limited to wall covering or flooring but offers an infinite array of possibilities when it comes to furniture veneers. Its philosophy: let go of limits and give your creative imagination free rein. Dolomite is available in two sizes (120×260 cm and 6 mm thick; 120×120 cm and 9 mm thick) and two finishes (Natural and Spot Anti-Slip).


Design, beauty and functionality come together to create the Moher series. This industrial urban style produces clean minimalist spaces.
Perfect for creating continuous functional spaces in both interior and exterior settings. The series’ innovative approach resides in its use on furniture, revealing the vast decorative potential of concrete. Moher unites quality and simplicity.
Moher is available in two sizes – 120×260 cm and 6 mm thick; 120×120 cm and 9 mm thick – and in three colours: Albar, Nut and Ash. It also comes in two finishes: Natural and Spot (anti-slip).