Cleaning after fitting

It is very important to carry out complete cleaning after completion of the ceramic laminate tile fitting work before final delivery and use by the user.

After cleaning there should be no leftover fitting material and the tiling must not have been damaged in any way.

This operation is also the best way to prevent surface problems and undesired stains in the future.

Cleaning recommendations

Final cleaning of the work area is necessary so the tiles are correctly finished. So remove any leftover bits of cement, sealant and any other residue. Use mildly acidic descaling detergents to do this.

It is a good idea to impregnate the surface with clean water before any chemical treatment to prevent the cleaning agents used from being absorbed by the grout.

Do not use these kinds of products on recently installed tiles as the acid will react with adhesives and sealants that have not set yet.


After tiles are installed they must be thoroughly cleaned using acid solutions diluted in water to remove residues of grouting and general site dirt. We recommend the use of DETERDEK detergent with a slightly acid action, which does not release harmful fumes or harm the grouting, material or operator.


Coverage: 1 litre for approx. 20 m2 (normal building site dirt).

Use: Dilute 1 litre of product in about 5 litres of water and spread across the floor. Leave for about 5 minutes, rub hard with a flat brush or singlebrush machine with green disc.
Remove residues with a rag or liquid vacuum cleaner and rinse with plenty of water. Should any stubborn residues remain, repeat with a more concentrated solution.


For normal floor cleaning, we recommend using FILACLEANER neutral detergent with strong cleaning power, instead of acid or abrasive products.

Some kinds of dirt (sand, gravel, etc.) increase the abrasive effect of through traffic. We therefore recommend keeping the floor as clean as possible, protecting transit areas with rugs. Ceramic floors have moderate resistance to knocks. We therefore recommend that precautions be taken to avoid dropping heavy or sharp objects onto the floor.


In the case of stains or encrusted dirt, we recommend following the following table to identify the ideal Fila product for every situation.